Painters & decorators in Glasgow


All aspects of exterior and interior painting



Preparation is extremely important for both the preservation and decoration of the property. Our care and skill in this area can save you costly repairs, both inside and out.


Exterior Paint

We can give advice on the wide range of paints and stains available. With ever improving performance of exterior finishes, we can help find the right one for you.



With our wide experience of all paper hanging of both normal, wide width papers and contract vinyl's, you can trust C & E Hardie to achieve the finish you expect. The current fashion of papering walls with lining paper and emulsion painting is completely dependent on proper preparation to achieve good results.


Special Painting Effects

Decoration with painting effects is an alternative to paper that can create an excellent effect. Specialist techniques include using paint or glaze to create a unique wall finish, or graining of doors and windows, to give a traditional look internally and externally.


Choosing Colour

Choosing the right shade of colour for a room or exterior can sometimes be a difficult task. A small sample in a booklet seldom correspond to the finished impression when a large area is covered. Despite being a completely subjective perception, C & E Hardie can give valuable advise based on extensive experience.


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